I stuck with the things I was naturally good at when I was growing up. I never saw my parents practicing anything and I was easily good at school so I just didn’t really experience a very particular kind of hard work that is involved in voluntarily choosing to spend hours alone being bad at… More Practice


Last night I sat outside at sunset wrapped in a blanket, Miles Davis playing from inside the house, watching the light in the sky move as the clouds shifted. A hummingbird sat on a telephone line, rising momentarily and settling back on to the line in the quiet. It began to rain- a gentle rain,… More Quiet

Life Transforms

I’m on the train to NYC from Boston and we’ve paused somewhere in a forest. Except for some radio chatter about whatever is wrong with the train it’s quiet here and I feel like- we’re supposed to be here. Why shouldn’t the train stop in places that are random and beautiful? I’m making my way back… More Life Transforms


I want to start to share about a process I’m going through that’s very challenging for me. I’ve held back for a lot of reasons-primarily to be sure that if I did write it would be for myself and not for praise or to be seen in a certain way. But I’ve also held back… More Okay

Gone too young

A friend of mine lost his 17 year old daughter 2 days ago. She was driving home from a weekend with her boyfriend when she lost control of her car, ended up in the opposite lane and was hit straight on by an SUV. She died at the scene of the accident. She was just falling… More Gone too young

Rumi’s Caravan

Dressed as lavishly (as per the request on the invitation) as I could muster for living in a construction zone last night I went sola to listen to the beautiful music of a middle eastern quartet and the words of Rumi, Hafiz, Mary Oliver, David Whyte, Wendall Barry, and many other poets drop from the lips of… More Rumi’s Caravan

Bring the rain

Early early this morning waking warm in bed to the sound of rain falling… not sprinkles, or heavy mist, but rain, for hours… I don’t know if I’ve ever been so happy to hear the sound of rain. I’ve heard that a way to pray is to feel something instead of just to speak it,… More Bring the rain